Abstract Submission

Submission Overview

The IBD2019 Committee will solicit poster submissions for the conference, Thailand from 1 December 2018 until 15 February 2019. Poster presentations will be reviewed by the scientific committee for acceptance in the program relevant to following themes;

  1. Species in Natural Ecosystem
    1.1 Frontiers in taxonomy/taxonomist
    1.2 Biodiversity and health
    1.3 Animal ecology : vertebrate life in diverse environment
    1.4 Habitat-based research (Terrestrial, freshwater, marine and others)
  2. Utilization
    2.1 BioInnovation from the unseen biodiversity
    2.2 From biodiversity to natural products & drug discovery
  3. Impacts and Threats
    3.1 Human and wildlife in the Anthropocene
    3.2 Impacts of climate change on biodiversity across scales
  4. Novel Technology for Biodiversity
  5. Management
    5.1 Ecosystem services and restoration
    5.2 Ecotourism and UNESCO Global Geopark
    5.3 Sustainable management on biodiversity

Since we will NOT be editing abstract submissions, so please remember to fully edit and carefully proof your content before submitting. Abstracts must be in final form with no grammatical, typographical, or factual errors.

There is no limit to the number of poster submissions. A single registration can cover  “ONE” poster presentation of the registrant.

All submissions will be reviewed for acceptance as they come in with notifications of acceptance being e-mailed to the presenter (as designated on the abstract submission form). Notification of acceptance will be e-mailed from 28 February 2019 to the presenter as well as posted on the IBD2019 website.

Every presenter of poster abstract must make the payment by 25 March 2019 otherwise the abstract will be withdrawn from the conference.

READ Submission guidelines before submitting abstract.

Instruction for poster presentation
The poster will be mounted on a PVC board. The dimension of the poster board is 1.0 m (width) x 2.0 m (height). We recommend to design the poster in C0 (917 mm × 1,297 mm; 36.10 in × 51.06 in) or A0 (841 mm × 1,189 mm; 33.11 in × 46.81 in). The poster must contain the title, authors’ name and address, objectives, materials and methods, summary, results and conclusion in the form of figures, graphs, tables, etc.

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